hong kong company formation
  1. Company Name
  • The proposed name of your Hong Kong offshore company must be approved by the Hong Kong Companies Registry, prior to Hong Kong Incorporation.
  1. Directors
    • Minimum one director required.
  2. Share holders

Minimum one shareholder required.

hong kong company formation
      • Share capital of any amount must be injected into the company’s bank account.
        • Appointing a company secretary is mandatory by law.
          1. Company Secretary
        1. Share Capital


      1. Registered Address
      • In order to register a Hong Kong company, you must provide a local Hong Kong address as the registered address of the company.

Documents Required for Company Registration

To setup a Hong Kong limited liability company, normally the following documents will be required:

  • A copy of the Articles of Association for the company. A standard document is normally provided by the professional services firm who is assisting with incorporation of the company.
  • A duly completed incorporation form that includes the following:
    • Company name
    • Registered address
    • Brief description of business activities
    • Particulars of shareholders, directors and company secretary
    • Liability of members
    • Share capital registered on incorporation
    • Number of shares taken up by subscribers
  • For non-resident shareholders and directors:
    • Copy of passport, overseas residential address proof
  • For corporate shareholders and directors:

Copy of parent company registration documents such as Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association

hong kong company formation

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