Company Registration in India

company registration in india

Company Registration in India

India has an established system of rules under the constitution facilitates the registration of companies under the “Companies Act 1956”. The companies or the corporate identities working and trying for a mark in the Indian corporate market are registered under the Companies Act 1956 with Memorandum of Association to be its major tool for the legal and formal identification.

Terms to considering

  • Company prolifically is an association of people constituted by the law. The Registrar is the key authority with whom the legal documents of the registrar lie with.
  • The Memorandum of Association is the basic document that involves the purposes and the fundamental conditions for the formation of a company.
  • When it comes to the description of rules and regulations of the company for the purpose of governance is concerned the Article of Association plays a major role as the primary document.
  • “Registration Certificate” or “Certificate of Incorporation”, provides a legal entity to any company facilitating it to discharge functionalities like entering into contract, purchase, own or hold any properties. A company is entitled to be held liable for the breach of the law.
  • The most important clause that shall always be considered is that the company is altogether a separate identity from its members which is legal in every sort.
  • A Company has its own domicile and nationality but cannot necessarily have the same privileges and rights like the individual citizens.
  • The aspect of separate identity in India can be considered as the most highlighting point in regard to ownership and decision making for the company procedures.


Registration of company has the number of clauses in consideration whereas these are the most importantly emphasized points when it comes to company registration.

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