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Chinese business (M) visa is granted to applicants who intend to come to China for commercial and trade activities.

  1. While applying you must have a passport that would be valid for at least 6 months from entering China.
  2. Visa Application Forms
  3. Two Color photograph with white background, matt finish, size 33 mm X 48 mm ,80% face Size.
  4. Proof of finances/ Letter of Sponsorship/support provided by Company on Company Letter Head: (This should contain Company Profile, company name, details of the person traveling to China such as name and passport number, travel dates and details of meeting).
  5. Proof of legal stay or residence if you are applying from a 3rd country or not from your home country.
  6. Invitation Letter from Chinese Company/Partner on their professional letter head: (details of passenger such as name and passport number, travel dates, details of meeting, the inviting company’s signatory’s name, designation, company seal/stamp and sign. According to China M Visa rules, one of the following is required:
  7. letter of Invitation issued by a Chinese business or trade partner.
  8. letter of Invitation or confirmation letter of invitation issued by duly authorized Chinese institutes or relevant units.
  9. letter of Invitation of a trade fair.
  10. In many cases for last 6 months.
  11. Air tickets.
  12. 2 blank visa pages in Passport .

Number of Entries for China:

  1. Single
  2. Double Entry
  3. Multiple Entry for 6 months
  4. Multiple Entry for 12 months
  5. Multiple Entry for 12 months

Processing Time

  1. Normal – 5 business days
  2. Express – 2 business days
  3. Rush – 1 business day.
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