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How can we help you?

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company registration in china


China is the world’s second largest economy and has market that is large and growing.

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company incorporation in dubai,


Planning to start a business in Dubai? Company Formation in dubai free zone has no string attached to it

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company incorporation in japan


Investors from all over the world are interested in opening a company in Japan, due to many business advantages.

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company incorporation in india


India is one of the fastest growing economy and has business friendly laws for foreign investors which makes it one of the most lucrative market.

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company registration in japan

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most popular city to run a business. From a business friendly location to distinctive tax system, Hong Kong has it all.

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company registration


Apostille is done for personal documents like birth certificates /death/marriage certificates, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, etc.

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company registration

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Overseas Company Formation


Overseas companies are generally referred to companies established overseas or outside its own country.


Management consulting involves helping a business establishment upgrade their execution by dissecting the present issues.


Every Company has annual law compliance and contracts to be renewed. Annual reports are must.


Alludes to the financial balances opened in areas or nations other than the place of organization enlistment.


Every jurisdiction has its own rules relating to accounting and also the time frame for submitting tax returns.


Appointing a Nominee shareholder/ director is required or applicable.

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company registration

Do you have an idea and ready to convert that idea into reality?

Are you starting up a business and need to register you company with various government authorities and regulatory bodies?


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company registration

Bank Account Opening Assistance

Sometimes opening corporate bank accounts can be tricky, but having a fully operational bank account is vital for any newly formed companies.


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company registration

Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permits .

company that decides to send one or more of their employees to work at an office of theirs which is located elsewhere, is making an intracompany transfer.


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company registration

Renew your license

We provide ample job opportunities in the areas of Project Management and Execution, Business Development, Corporate Finance, Strategy and other support functions across multiple business lines and corporate functions.


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Have Questions?

Can I change the name of my company?

Yes. However, the proposed new company name must first be approved by the registrar in the country of incorporation to ensure that the same name does not already exist – Overseascompanyformation will be happy to conduct a name search free of charge. A board resolution must be drafted and signed by the director(s) of the company and the new name must be officially filed with the company registry in the country of incorporation.

Can an English company name end with the word "Ltd"?

Yes. “Ltd” is considered the same as “Limited”. However, the word “Limited” must be stated in all documents submitted to / issued by the Government, not “Ltd”. The “Ltd” can only be used for business activities.

What is the Virtual Office?

The Virtual Office allows your company to have a local address and to receive mail there, which, in some cases, can lend more credibility to your company.

What is document and process apply license?

Depend on type each license you required, normally is your legal entity document, shareholder/director information, business plan and some other like Finance Statement audit, rental office agreement ect., Rest other we will support you do it all.

What are the annual renewal fees?

The annual renewal fees are the annually recurring government and professional fees that You would pay in order to continue and maintain Your offshore company in good legal standing as per the laws of the state of registration, for as long as the company continues operations. In a way, You can compare these fees to taxes and the administrative overhead, only in the case of an offshore company the figures would probably be much less.

why customers us!

How can we help you?

Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.


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